PROPOCKET LACROSSE (PPL) was founded to service the next generation of lacrosse teams looking to expand their brand in the fastest growing sport in America. Our company has its roots in Long Island, New York, but it lives and thrives in the Lone Star State of Texas. We are a principle manufacturer of high performance lacrosse equipment and we would like to offer our specialty services in custom pocket stringing and customized handles. Our mission is to spread the awareness of your team brand in this competitive lacrosse environment.

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to equipment suppliers, but what elevates us above the competition is not something that can be found in your average supplier. We offer quality, innovation, customization, and one-to-one customer service which will serve you better so that you can concentrate on the most important thing, LACROSSE!

At PROPOCKET LACROSSE, we are dedicated to the great game of lacrosse and our goal is to give players of all ages high quality products for today’s rigorous play.


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